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Although California is an "at-will" state giving employers a tremendous amount of power to terminate, employers do not have the absolute right to terminate employees if they are doing so for unlawful reasons.


Most employers cannot discriminate against employees because of their race, physical / mental disability, medical condition, gender, age, religious creed,

national origin, sexual orientation and other protected categories.


Employees who report or oppose unlawful behavior by their employers are protected by anti-retaliation laws from adverse employment actions including, but not limited to, suspensions, demotions and terminations.


Employees are protected against two common types of sexual harassment by co-workers and sometimes even third parties: 1). hostile work environment and 2). quid pro quo.


Employers are obligated to pay employees completely and on time every pay period.  At the end of employment, all outstanding wages must be paid on time or substantial penalties may apply.  Attorney's fees, penalties, interest and costs may be recoverable.


We regularly draft, review and provide advice on severance agreements to individuals and companies.  Negotiating and aggressively representing your legal rights to leverage the best outcome for you is something we've done for over 20 years.  


California law requires employers to conduct a good faith, independent and thorough investigation.   Taking a proactive, documented, and well-reasoned approach assists with resolving claims and litigation.


California law requires employers to comply with numerous Federal and State labor laws or face severe consequences including fines, penalties and other enforcement actions.


We have represented numerous clients before the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)and Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE).


We Do Not Let Injustice Slide

You spend almost half your waking life at work. So when you are treated unfairly on the job, your entire life suffers. When an employer violates your rights, you can lose not only wages, but also your dignity, your network, opportunities and a sense of hope. Your whole family suffers. That is not right. At AQUINO LAW, we are prepared to fight for you with integrity and unrelenting determination. You deserve a safe and fair workplace. When you are a client, we commit to standing up for you. 


Hands-On Representation For Cases Big And Small

 Our lawyers do not take every case. We only take on cases we know we can win at trial. Personalized attention to every case is at the heart of what we do. At the same time, we have access to the legal resources to take on the biggest companies and law firms and win. When we take your case, we are committed to you every step of the way. Whether you need to negotiate a severance agreement, have been terminated or the target of retaliation,  harassment or have faced discrimination on the job, we are here to restore hope, protecting your rights and securing the justice in the workplace you deserve. 

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