Retaliation Is Against The Law

Both federal and California law give you the right to a safe work environment and employers who follow the law against discrimination and labor laws. That also gives you both the responsibility and the right to report unlawful behavior or misconduct in your workplace. Unfortunately, some employers may retaliate against you for exercising that right.

At AQUINO LAW we understand how intimidating it can be to report misconduct in the workplace. Retaliation can make the situation even worse. However, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Our attorneys will stand up for your rights and provide you with personalized guidance every step of the way. We strive to help you obtain justice and reclaim your life.  You are protected by whistleblower laws.

What Retaliation Might Look Like

Some of the most common reasons for retaliation include:

Employers know retaliation is against the law. Therefore, they might not fire you to avoid charges for wrongful termination. Instead, retaliation could take various forms, including:

  • Demotion
  • Isolation
  • Passing you over for promotion
  • Providing only undesirable assignments
  • Reducing your pay or work schedule

Your employer might put significant pressure on you in hopes that you will quit. You should not have to put up with a situation like this. We have over 20 years of experience defending employees’ rights. In those years, we have taken on big companies and their law firms, and we are not afraid to do so on your behalf.

It is important not to lose hope. You deserve fair treatment in the workplace, and we are committed to helping you obtain it. We will work together to bring retaliation to justice.

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